Friday, October 1, 2010

October: In the spotlight -- books from independent publishers

I thought that October might be a good time to focus on books from indie presses.  I don't have anything against the big publishing houses (my last two months of reading will confirm that!), but I seem to have acquired a lot of indie-press books here lately and want to give the independent publishers their due. So this month, the majority of the books I read will come from these smaller publishing establishments. A large majority of my indie-press reads this month are from Unbridled Books,  and I'll be adding in other publishers as I go. 

The best-laid plans for this month are (maybe not in this order):

Unbridled Books
Panopticon, by David Bajo
A Geography of Secrets, by Frederick Reuss
Cranioklepty -- and the Search for Genius, by Colin Dickey
The Singer's Gun, by Emily St. John Mandel

 The Report, by Jessica Francis Kane 

 Needle in a Haystack, by Ernesto Mallo 
(and quite possibly a couple more, since I have a shelf filled with their crime fiction)

The Sentimentalists, by Johanna Skibsrud 

and I'll make the rest up as I go along. This will be a great reading month!


  1. Good luck, Nancy! I can't wait for your review of A Geography of Secrets -- it's on my TBR list too.

  2. I'll be reading panopticon next week so i'm looking for your thoughts on it.

  3. Colleen: I will be a bit delayed; I had hoped to start it tomorrow but I'm a bit behind once again!

    Aths: I think I'm going to give it a second read -- it's intense.

  4. Great reading plan! Wonderful sounding titles in that list - look forward to your reviews...

  5. Thanks! I was hoping to get Panopticon up today too, but it didn't happen. The last two weeks have been not so wonderful, so I'm behind.


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